Tired of laying on your back and waiting for the next drop of oil to fall into your eye?

Get lifted! Rent a lift by the hour or for a full day. Need it for a week? We've got you covered. With 3 types of specialty lifts, Garage Yourself has what you need to get any project off the ground and on the road.



Sure you can change a tire in a driveway, but do you have a tire changing machine?

Garage Yourself has all the tools you'll need, all in one place. From socket sets to hydraulic presses, you'll have the tools of the pros without the expense.

Air tools? Yeah, we've got those too.

You sold your first born for parts and now you're putting down 350 horses to the wheels, huh?

Well...Prove it or ​fine tune it.

Throw down a few pulls to see what you've got or tune in for MAXIMUM performance, our Dyno Dynamics 450 is here to let you spin your wheels.