Yep, these are the "frequently" asked questions;

yeah all 5 of them.

Oh my gosh, did we not think of everything you might possibly ask? We figured. That's why we put that email form right there. Send us a question and we'll send you an answer. Don't want to wait? Call us 305-200-2030. 


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Where do I sign?

You will need to sign a waiver that dismisses us from any liability in case of injury, death or any other incident to you or your property. An automotive shop will always be an inherently dangerous area. If you get hurt you are responsible for yourself.

You are NOT covered by insurance!!!


What color should I paint my car?

Paint it white, blue, pink or whatever you want, but not here. You may NOT paint here, not from a spray gun, not from a rattle can, not at all!! We do not have EPA approval and no one else wants your overspray on their car.


Where's the closest auto parts store?


The Garage Yourself parts counter. We have a large network of new and used parts vendors, we can usually have most parts delivered with one hour. If you would like to have parts shipped to us, please call to make arrangements at 305-200-3020.


Can I borrow a rag?

Shop supplies are available to you and are not included in rental fees. We've got all the little things you'll forget but can't live with out for sale. That includes rags, quick dry, oils, toilet paper, cleaner, grease, paper towels, brake cleaner, etc… (J/K toilet paper is free)


Do you know how to fix this?

This is a D.I.Y. garage, the "Y" stands for yourself. On a serious note, nobody knows it all so Garage Yourself gives you access to the IdentiFIX online database that will provide detailed information on the repair of MOST vehicles.