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Garage Yourself came to be for two very specific types of people.

Ahhh, the Do It Yourself Mechanic, because every time you get stomp on the gas you love remembering the day you installed that monster throttle body. You take great pride in standing back, arms crossed and nodding your head in confidence as you say

"Yep, I built that". Let's face it, your pride wouldn't be hurt if that build was just a little more convenient. You've dreamed of the day when you could look up at your chassis from below while your beauty floats elegantly above on a professional lift, and now you can at Garage Yourself.

Then there's The Pro, yeah you. You've been making a living turning wrenches in your boss' shop while he makes a mint off your skills. People ask you all the time if you'll do some work on the side, but that boss of yours, well he sure as heck aint gonna let that happen in his shop. You've setup shop in your driveway, but that dream was short lived. Between your neighbors and the back aches the

extra cash just wasn't worth the headache.

So Garage Yourself! Make some cash on the side or beef up your ride, we're here and we're here for you.



It all starts with a professional grade car lift. Garage Yourself has 3, yes 3 specialized types of lifts to meet your specific needs.

Tools? Yeah, we've got those too and we didn't stop at the ones you turn by hand. When you're ready to put some air behind that muscle we've got your back. Bring your own tools or rent what you need, we've even got a full tire station and top of the line Dyno.

Every lift stands secure in it's own locked down cage. If you need to leave your project over night it's no problem, just lock-up your cage and sleep like a baby knowing your beauty is just how you left her.


We've all been there before, or you've never worked on a car...

You're an hour into a three hour job when the inevitable happens, you're a part short. You planned for every possibility, but the impossible happened... again!

This time it's no big deal, just skip and whistle your way to the Garage Yourself parts counter and order it up. We've got wholesale accounts with the area's top parts distributors and pass the savings on to you.

In most cases we can have the parts in your hand in 30 minutes or less. Beat that!  


Yeah, you feel right at home turning a wrench under the hood in our open-air shop and that's why you use Garage Yourself to earn cash working on your customers' cars.

Guess what? Your customers feel right at home when they're at home, but they've gotta wait somewhere while you work your mechanical magic.

We want your customers to be happy as you, so we created the Garage Yourself waiting room where they can wait patiently with TV, air conditioning and the simple amenities that might just keep them happy.

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